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    Minnesota Maple Syrup Producers' Association (MMSPA) - Our history, purpose, and how we are governed.


    group photo of membersFor nearly 50 years the MMSPA has served the maple syrup industry of Minnesota. Incorporated as a non-profit membership association in 1966, the MMSPA has promoted quality maple products and provided information and education to members. We exist to support and encourage maple syrup production in Minnesota by hobbyists and licensed commercial producers alike.

    Producers today owe a debt of gratitude to MMSPA’s first president, Clifford Dalbey of Mora, Minnesota who, along with 13 other producers, formed the MMSPA in 1966. Today the association is made up of over 100 maple syrup producers from the state of MN.


    The MMSPA is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to:

    • Promoting the interests and welfare of Minnesota maple syrup producers;
    • Improving sugar bush management;
    • Expansion of markets for high quality maple products;
    • Supporting maple syrup research by state and federal agencies;
    • Joint efforts with the University of MN and MN Dept of Ag for advancing the maple syrup industry; and
    • Supporting the North American Maple Syrup Council (NAMSC).


    The Association is governed by a volunteer board of directors of up to 12 members. Staggered three year terms allow for the election of directors at each annual meeting. Officers include the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

    To the extent practical, the board is comprised of members from all parts of the state where maple syrup is produced. All board members volunteer their time and the Association has no paid employees.

    Officers and Directors

    President 2026 Bill Warner
    Vice President 2025 Stu Peterson
    Secretary 2026 Ben Carlson
    Treasurer, NAMSC Alternate 2024 Laurie Reddie
    Director, MMSPA News Editor 2023  
    Director/NAMSC Delegate 2024  
    Director 2024 Mark Waletzko
    Director 2025 Larry Odegard
    Director 2025 Shannon Stewart


    Link to:  MMSPA Bylaws

    MMSPA Officers - Contact Information

    Bill Warner, President

    1416 Leo Ln
    Buffalo, MN 55313
    Email:  pres@mnmaple.org

    Stu Peterson, Vice Pres

    31494 395th Street
    Dent, MN 56528
    Email:  vp@mnmaple.org

    Ben Carlson, Secretary

    15946 County Road 51
    St.Joseph, MN 56374
    Email:  sec@mnmaple.org

    Laurie Reddie, Treasurer

    1904 Eagle Place
    Buffalo, MN 55313
    Email:  treas@mnmaple.org