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Membership in Minnesota Maple Syrup Producers' Association is open to all persons interested in maple syrup or firms engaged in any phase of producing, processing and/or marketing of maple syrup. See below for membership benefits and how to apply for (or renew) membership. A link to our membership directory is also provided.

Member Benefits

Membership meetings are held twice annually in the spring and fall at locations rotating around the state.
Information is shared, industry issues are discussed, producer questions are answered and equipment is demonstrated. A highlight of the annual meeting, held the third Saturday of May each year, is the maple syrup “contest”. Members are encouraged to enter samples of their syrup to be evaluated and judged on the basis of color, clarity, density (correct concentration) and flavor. Following the business meetings, nearby sugar bush and production facilities of members are toured. Friendships are made, sugar house and equipment set ups are observed and ideas are exchanged. Members of the MMSPA are eager to share ideas with fellow producers, especially new producers wanting to learn what “sugaring” is all about.  

Members receive (and can contribute to) the official newsletter of the MMSPA, "Minnesota Maple News", each quarter. Members of the MMSPA also receive the Maple Digest, the official publication of the North American Maple Syrup Council. The official web site of the MMSPA is In addition, information and communications are shared at each membership meeting and with special mailings to members as needed.

New / Renew Membership

If you are a New Member, simply click the "Register Now" button to complete and submit your application online.  You can renew your membership online by clicking the “Renew Now” button.  Alternatively, a paper registration form can be used by clicking the "Printable Form" link.  Registration (new or renewal) is not complete until you submit your annual membership dues. You can pay securely online using PayPal or you may mail your dues to:
     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Treasurer
     1904 Eagle Place
     Buffalo, MN 55313

Dues are:
    $25 for single member
    $30 for two member family
    $30 for business member
    Annual dues are due in May of each year

Register to become a member of Minnesota Maple Syrup Producers' Association     Renew your membership in Minnesota Maple Syrup Producers' Association    or click here for the Printable Form


Based on the information collected on the MMSPA registration form, we have put together a directory that contains contact information for members and their sugarhouses.  Click here to access the Member Sugarhouse Directory.

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